Project Description Sheet


Project Name:

Community Based Resource Management Project (CBRMP),



Project Location within Country:

Bishwambarpur Upazila, Sunamganj

Professional Staff Provided:


No. of Staff: 7


No. of Person-months: 14


Name of Client:

Environment, Agriculture and Development Services Ltd. (EADS), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date:



Approx. Value of Services:


Name of Associated Firm(s) if any:


No. of Person-months of Professional Staff Provided by associated Firm(s):

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director / Co-ordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:


Ruhul Mohaimen Chowdhury     - Team Leader

Abu Sad Al Sufian                      -  GIS Associate

Monoara Tamanna Khan            - GIS Associate

Syed Monjur Murshed                 - GIS Assistant

Sayed Mohammed Faruque        - GIS Assistant

Mobarak Hossain                        - GIS Assistant

Md. Shahadat Hossain                - GIS Assistant

Mohammad Nurul Hassan           - GIS Assistant

Md. Ali Zulfikar Abed                    - GIS Assistant

Abul Kalam Azad                         - GIS Assistant

Md. Abdul mottaleb                      - GIS Assistant

Md. Mamun-Ul-Mannan               - GIS Assistant

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Preparation of resource map of Bishawambharpur Thana, District: Sunamgonj

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by the Company:

Objective of the resource mapping exercises is to get an insight of pattern of land and resource use and document the biophysical and socioeconomic aspects of natural resources in the project areas for sustainable management of haor resources


·               prepare and produce resource maps of haor areas in original mouza maps (CS map) and in updatable digital form showing the resource (beels, khas land, ponds/khals), settlements, croplands, wetlands, swamp tree forest, reed lands, fallow lands, threshing areas, grazing areas, seed bed areas, sources of water, submergible dikes, degraded area, access arrangements in different water bodies and other natural resources;

·               conduct PRA for community attitude towards the present usage/possessions/further development of water resources (Jalmahal), possibility of any social conflict;

·               Identify the physical status: area/size. Siltation condition, average yearly fish production;

·               Recommend/suggest for development (excavation/demarcation/plantation/habitat restoration/sanctuary/fisheries etc.)

·               Tracing and digitization of Mouza maps and Land use survey of Bishawambharpur Thana

·               Physical feature survey of Bishawambharpur Thana  using GPS and Preparation of GIS based Mouza maps

·               Preparation of resource maps