Project Description Sheet


Project Name:  Health and Population Sector Program (HPSP) V; /KfW Financial Contribution 98 65 353/

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, (MOHFW)




Project Location within Country:

Throughout the country

Approx. Project Value : USD 45 million



Professional Staff Provided:

No. of Staff: 5

No. of Person-months: 84.5


Name of Client:

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, (MOHFW)

Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date:



Approx. Value of Services:

US$ 200,000

Name of Associated Firm(s) if any:



No. of Person-months of Professional Staff Provided by associated Firm(s): 48

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director / Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:


Dr. Helaluzzaman Ahmed               - Procurement Specialist

Mohammad Suj-At-Ali                     - Procurement Specialist

Lt. Col. MM Kaiser Rashid              - Procurement Specialist

M. Shahadat Hossain Russell         - Procurement Specialist

A. T. M. Rafiqul Islam                      - Logistic Officer/ Procurement Specialist

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, MOHFW, of Bangladesh wishes to appoint a procurement and logistics management Consultant with relevant International working experience in project of German Financial Co-operation preferably in the South Asia Region. The main task of the consultant is to support the MOHFW in the forecasting, procurement, quality assurance, distribution, and monitoring and inventory control of oral contraceptive pills to be procured through German Financial Co-operation under the Health and Population Sector Programme. It is expected that at the end of the assignment period, MOHFW would have developed sufficient expertise and capacity in the forecasting, quality assurance, distribution, monitoring and inventory control of contraceptive items.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by the Company:


-          Assist Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, MOHFW, and the Line Director – Procurement and Logistic, with the evaluation and acceptance of document

-          Assist MOHFW in the managerial and financial execution of the Project financed by German Financial Co-operation. (kfw)


Procurement Specialist

-          Review approvals and budget to ensure the requests have been authorized correctly;

-          Review detailed specifications/terms of reference/scope of works/schedule of requirements attached to the requests to ensure they are complete and generic.

-          Through the Director CMSD/DFP immediately refer any incomplete specifications/terms of reference/scope of works/schedule of requirements back to the relevant Line Director to develop the specifications in to a generic form as quickly as possible;

-          Submit specifications to the a Director CMSD/ DFP for  onward submission to the  Specifications sub-Committee of approval;

-          Provide and keep updated information on procurement scheduling in relation to the overall procurement  plan and processing schedule;

-          Initially procure 141 million low-dose “Shukhi” oral contraceptives (OCs) over three years under KfW funded operational Support and Procurement within Health and Population Sector Program V – 9865 353 in Bangladesh, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Executed by Director General Family Planning (DGFP).

-          For further grant more 30.8 million low-dose oral contraceptives were procured for public sector over a period of five months

-          Prepare bidding documents in accordance with the approved IDA standard bidding documents incorporating the agreed specification/terms of reference/scope of works.

-          Assist capacity building of Desk Officers in preparation of bidding documents as per IDA guidelines;

-          Submit bidding documents to the Director CMSD/DGP for on ward submission to the World Bank, Dhaka office for the issue of a no objection;

-          Assist the Director CMSD/DFP to respond to questions raised by the World Bank and relating to the bidding documents and progress the issue of the no objection;

-          Prepare, and assist in the publication of Invitations to Bid;

-          Assist DD (PC)  in monitoring the issue of bidding documents to interested bidders;

-          Assist in answering, through the Director CMSD/DFP, questions arising from potential bidders;

-          Assist in the organization of bid openings, preparation of bid opening minutes, including the checklist as per the IDA format and sending same to the World Bank:

-          Assist the Technical Sub-Committee to technically evaluate bids and report results to the Director CMSD/DFP;

-          Assist the procurement Committee to complete the financial evaluation of bids and prepare the final evaluation report. 

-          Assist in preparing evaluation reports and submit to the Director CMSD/DFP for onward submission to the World Bank, Dhaka office for the issue of a no objection:

-          Assist the Director CMSD/DFP to prepare and issue award of contract notices and standard contract documents to successful bidders;

-          Assist in monitoring the receipt and registration of performance securities and the arrangement of letters of credit and any other documentation relating to the effectiveness of the contract,

-          Advise and assist desk officers to build knowledge and capacity to undertake procurement in accordance with IDA guidelines;

-          As time allows, advise and assist desk officers to build knowledge and capacity in contract management and clearing and forwarding procedures;

-          Refer any difficulties, obstacles or delays immediately to the expatriate procurement Management Specialist and the assigned procurement Consultant. The expatriate procurement Management Specialist will immediately discuss such matters with the Director CMSD/DFP and agree a course of action.

-          Collect data from Line Directors on expected procurement needs over the life of HPSP;

-          Estimate time scales for procurement in accordance with IDA guidelines;

-          Input data into Microsoft project 98 software in summary and by individual procurement package.

-          Monitor actual performance by procurement package against the plan and report any significant delays to the expatriate procurement Management Specialist and the assigned procurement Consultant.

Logistic Officer/ Procurement Specialist


-          Participation in the forecast of Contraceptive demand.

-          Assist in preparation of bid documents.

-          Post Shipment Inspection of procured SHUKHI (Oral contraceptives)

-          Preparation and dispatch of Supply status report.

-          Monitoring of distribution of pills.

-          Monitoring of Logistics activities of Central Warehouse, Regional Warehouses, District Reserve Stores and Upazila Stores all over Bangladesh.

-          Collection of samples from different stores for quality control test and arrangement of testing for the collected samples.

-          Monitoring of inflows and out flows of stock, shelf life, inventory control / commodity audits stocktaking and reporting etc.


Funding Agency: German KfW, The World Bank and USAID