Project Description Sheet


Project Name:

GIS Services to CARE Bangladesh




Project Location within Country:

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professional Staff Provided:


No. of Staff: 5


No. of Person-months: 5


Name of Client:

GIS Unit, CARE Bangladesh

Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date:



Approx. Value of Services:


Name of Associated Firm(s) if any:


No. of Person-months of Professional Staff Provided by associated Firm(s):


Name of Senior Staff (Project Director / Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:


Md. Mosheur Rahman         - GIS Specialist

Shamim ahamed                 - GIS Associate

Md. Mazharul Islam             - GIS Associate

Dulal Chandra Roy              - GIS Associate

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:


Editing of Thana Road coverage using GIS software


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by the Company:


-          Editing DGPS data of Thana road coverage and preparing digital database

-          Number of Thana 50

-          Software used PC ARC/INFO

-          Viewing and editing detailed profile of roads