Project Description Sheet


Project Name:

Preparatory Cyclone Shelter Project-1




Project Location within Country:

Coastal belt of Bangladesh

Professional Staff Provided:


No. of Staff: 4


No. of Person-months:4


Name of Client:


Start Date (month/year):


Completion Date:



Approx. Value of Services:

US$ 1,000

Name of Associated Firm(s) if any:


No. of Person-months of Professional Staff Provided by associated Firm(s):


Name of Senior Staff (Project Director / Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:


Md shahidul Islam

- Senior GIS Specialist

Md Moshiur Rahman.  

- GIS Specialist

Md Shamsuzzoha        

- GIS Specialist

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:


The major objective of the project is to prepare elevation map in GIS for cyclone shelter development in the coastal area.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by the Company:


-          Digitizing spot height.

-          Database building in GIS.