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Natural resources planners (nrp)

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Site Planning

Every project, whether a residential or commercial subdivision, industrial park, school or retail shopping center, requires planning. The planning activity involves considerations for lot configuration, street layout, parking and traffic circulation, availability of water and sewer utilities, storm water management, as well as the relationship of the proposed project with local and regional zoning and land use codes and comprehensive plans.


With rapid urbanization and introduction of modern architectural concepts in civil and infra-structural projects, the client's needs also have changed considerably in the recent years. Our resource team members continually keep themselves abreast of others in respect of contemporary development and are comfortable with both traditional and non-conventional design and construction of projects.


The process of gaining approval of projects and obtaining construction permits seems to get more difficult and complicated every year. Over the years, however, we have established valuable contacts and relationships with every major agency involved in issuing project permits. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in guiding your project through the process of getting approval from all agencies that have jurisdiction.

Engineering Services:

  • Planning & Designing of Structures (Roads, Culverts, Bridges, Water supply and Sanitation Projects.)
  • Setting up Industrial Plants
  • Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.
  • Construction of Jetties and Inland ports
  • Flood Control and Irrigation Structures
  • Erosion Control and Water Quality Protection and Enhancement
  • Retention / Detention Basin Design
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Utility Design and Coordination
  • Site Grading Design

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