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Natural resources planners (nrp)

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Today’s climate-related disasters signal an urgent need to minimize current unsustainable social and economic systems. For poor communities living on fragile and degraded urban and rural lands, actions must address the deteriorating environmental conditions that undermine their livelihoods and capacity to cope with disasters. nrp Consultants is working to strengthen the role of eco-system management and restoration activities in reducing the vulnerability of poor communities to climate-related disasters and climate change. We work within the following areas:


  • Climat Change & Disaster Management
  • Resource Management, Conservation and Buffer Zone Management
  • Access, Control and use of Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity Assessment 
  • Forest Inventory
  • Land Reforms
  • Protected Area Planning.
  • Design, Plan, and Community Mobilization for Forestry Development
  • Crop Management, Crop Modeling and Relay Cropping
  • Food Security
  • Agro-Business
  • Seed Technology
  • Establishment of Irrigation and Drainage Facilities.
  • Development of Livestock and Fisheries.
  • Soil Investigation and Productivity Studies.

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