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Natural resources planners (nrp)

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Natural Resources Planners ltd. (nrpbd.com)

Ever since the establishment of Natural Resources Planners Ltd. it has been rendering estimable consultancy services related to different types of research survey/study on agriculture, environment, engineering, health and sanitation, social and economic aspects of the community and so forth. The organization has made commendable contribution to different sectors that importantly include urban development, rural development etc. besides the activities performed, nrp is vowed to its vision & mission and is uncompromisingly committed to provide services of the highest order to obtain complete client satisfaction. The services of nrp reflect deep comprehension of development policy issues, in-depth experience and know-how in development cooperation.The major fields of services provided by nrp are:

nrp has provided following urban and Rural area development services to its different clients in different times:

  • Detailed Area Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Baseline Survey / Inventory Survey
  • Master Plan
  • Landuse Survey and Planning
  • Land survey
  • Resettlement plan
  • Dissemination of knowledge through proficient transfer of know-how.
  • Effective involvement of local resources.
  • Designing both spatial and non-spatial plans in an efficient way for the highest sustainability.
  • Efficient job management and financial administration.
  • Professional backstopping by own staff or through the institutional partner network.

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